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Sunday April 14th 2024


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MLB: Arm Chair GM- Changes I Would Make as the Yankees »

Have you ever tried playing Arm Chair GM when it comes to your favorite sports team? You know like wondering what the team could do to win and what moves they could and should make.Wondering why they signed one player and not the other?Have you ever thought to yourself or even stated out loud that you could do a better job that the man that really [...]

MLB Baseball: Seriously, Did the Yankees and Their »

The Yankees "Mission Statement" is to win it all every year, and when that fails to happen the entire season is a failure.The Yankees know that it's not a realistic goal, but one must have a standard to strive for.However, there are some that take it literally.A small, vocal group within the Yankee universe that consider themselves [...]

2011 New York Yankees:Team MVP- It’s Not Curtis »

Curtis Granderson, who has overcome his demons against left-handed pitchers, has put together the best season of his career thus far and has become a serious and legitimate contender to claim MVP honors in the American League this season. Despite his excellent MVP-caliber season, the likable Yankee center fielder will not, in my opinion, be named [...]

MLB & New York Yankees: Brian Cashman’s »

Brian Cashman is in the final year of his current contract as General Manager of the New York Yankees.Some hope he will resign.Quite possibly, more are praying to whatever Gods they believe in that he does not. No matter what side you are on when it comes to Cashman, one cannot easily dispute that during his tenure, which started in 1998, the [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Hype for Overrated Ubaldo Jimenez Is »

The New York Yankees, the premiere franchise in all of sports and the one team that everyone loves to hate, is seeking pitching help on their way to the playoffs.Color me shocked—not. Same story every year.Before the season started, they had to have (read "must have, life depends on it, the sun will turn black and the Mayan prophecy of 2012 [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Truth and Rumors Regarding Yankees »

It's that time of year in baseball where there is more fact that fiction. It's always fun to opine and speculate on all the possibilities of your favorite, or not so favorite team, in regards to whom they are, and whom they are not, scouting.As usual, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the New York Yankees- with most of it [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees Sign J.C Romero, »

 The New York Yankees, intent on bolstering their pitching arsenal for the second half of the season, just acquired former National J.C. Romero  signing him to a minor league deal, according to ESPN's Buster Olney (via Twitter).It's interesting to note that Romero wanted out of the Washington Nationals system because [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees, Prince Fielder and »

The New York Yankees have defied all expectations for the first half of this season, hanging tight and challenging the Red Sox for the division despite not being able to make the offseason splash, via acquisitions, that have become standard in the Bronx. The chatter is picking up heavily that the 2011 salvage-yard, [...]

2011 New York Yankees: Their Colossal Mistake That »

Unless you have been living under a rock you already know the deal. The New York Yankees' main focus in this past offseason was to acquire starting pitching. Brian Cashman's genius plan was to put the teams hopes, dreams and eggs all in one basket named Cliff Lee. Cashman, ever the fool, believed that the Yankees could wave their bank account [...]

New York Yankees: Andy Pettitte Questions and Answers »

Andy Pettitte announced his retirement this past week. Is he done for goodOnly Andy knows but something tells me the answer is no. Pettitte is competitive and the draw of the game will pull at him during the course of the season.  I suspect in large part his decision to retire came about due to... A: His impending testimony in the Roger [...]

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