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Saturday August 15th 2020


2011 New York Yankees:Team MVP- It’s Not Curtis Granderson nor CC Sabathia

Granderson, who has overcome his demons against left-handed pitchers, has put together the best season of his career thus far and has become a serious and legitimate contender to claim MVP honors in the American League this season.

Despite his excellent MVP-caliber season, the likable Yankee center fielder will not, in my opinion, be named the American League MVP. Granderson trails Jose Bautista, Miguel Cabrera and Adrian Gonzales when looking at the top-ten leaders in nearly every offensive category this season.

The fact that he plays for the Yankees is enough, unfortunately, for many voters to look towards another as they cast their votes.

Don't even try to argue that there is no bias against the Yankees in postseason platitudes. ...

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