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Wednesday December 2nd 2020


2011 New York Yankees: Their Colossal Mistake That Will Cost Them Greatly

you have been living under a rock you already know the deal.

The New York Yankees' main focus in this past offseason was to acquire starting pitching. Brian Cashman's genius plan was to put the teams hopes, dreams and eggs all in one basket named Cliff Lee.

Cashman, ever the fool, believed that the Yankees could wave their bank account under the nose of Cliff Lee, sprinkle it with the pride, power and prestige of the Yankee pinstripe tradition and he would become giddy like some 14-year-old boy getting his first real kiss...and sign on the dotted line while trying not to drool.

The arrogance and short sightedness of Cashman is truly astounding. The colossal mistake the Yankees have made and continue to make has nothing to do with ...

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