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Saturday April 20th 2024


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Derek Jeter Declines Huge Contract Offer from Himself »

Saying he was “extremely insulted,” New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter turned down a 10-year, $200 million offer from himself on Friday. Jeter, who awarded himself a Gold Glove earlier this month, told the Associated Press that “the offer just doesn’t take into account all I’m worth to [...]

Derek Jeter in a Boston Red Sox Uniform? New York »

NBC Sports Hardball Talk columnist Craig Calcaterra published a blurb asking if the idea of Derek Jeter leaving the Bronx for Boston would be such a bad thing. He even posted a picture of Jeter superimposed in a Red Sox uniform. While this makes for good talk show fodder, and probably stirs up the angst that is always brewing on the surface [...]

New York Yankees Win ALDS: Can They Really Let Joe »

There is all this talk about Yankees skipper Joe Girardi walking away after the season and taking the job as the next Cubs manager. But if the Bombers win a consecutive championship, they have to keep him, right? I know that many Yankees fans have questioned Girardi's managerial skills. Heck, if you check with most fans they will point to one [...]

Yankees-Red Sox Game Pace Is No »

This is a much larger issue than simply Yankees-Red Sox, of course. The issue is that the pace of baseball is apparently too slow and the need to decision to establish rules to speed the game up.   Umpire Joe West should take this idea and apply it to his country singing. Talk about painfully slow and dull. But I digress. We need to quit [...]

Come To Think Of It: A Win-Win In The Bronx Seems »

This just ain't right. Normally, whenever the Yankees and Red Sox get together you can expect a hard fought, emotionally charged series fraught with intensity and perhaps even some bloodshed. Accordingly, there will be a winner and there will be a loser. But this weekend in New York may be different in that the two 90-win teams are merely gearing [...]