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Sunday April 21st 2024


Derek Jeter in a Boston Red Sox Uniform? New York Yankees Won’t Let That Happen

Sports Hardball Talk columnist Craig Calcaterra published a blurb asking if the idea of Derek Jeter leaving the Bronx for Boston would be such a bad thing. He even posted a picture of Jeter superimposed in a Red Sox uniform.

While this makes for good talk show fodder, and probably stirs up the angst that is always brewing on the surface between Yanks and Sox fans, it does raise the question of whether or not the Yankees icon and face of the franchise has played his last game in New York.

Well, count me as one who doesn't think so. I do not believe, even for a New York minute, that Jeter is going anywhere.

First of all, Jeter doesn't want to play anywhere else. Second, even if he did, the Yanks simply can't afford to let him go. ...

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