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New York Yankees: 5 International Players the Yankees »

There are many big time international players on the market this winter. Many people know players like Yu Darvish and Yoennis Cespedes, but there are some less well-known players out there.Which should Brian Cashman and the New York Yankees be interested in this winter?Following are five picks for Cashman to focus on signing.Begin Slideshow

MLB Realignment: If Bud Selig Did It My Way, It Would »


Yankees Trade Rumors: Eduardo Nunez for Jair Jurrjens »

 Brian Cashman, the long-term general manager for the New York Yankees, is a man who appears to know exactly what he wants. He has navigated some of the most treacherous corporate waters in all the world—namely, the front office of the New York Yankees—with a deft touch, internal confidence and the instinct to know when [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Are New York Yankees, Atlanta Braves »

The winter offseason for baseball has gotten off to a rather quiet start. Aside from the Yankees re-signing some of their own players like CC Sabathia, Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher, they too have been on the quiet side. But according to John Harper of the New York Daily News, the Yankees could be involving themselves in a trade very [...]

New York Yankees: Projected Pitching Staff for 2012 »

The Yankees need pitching this offseason and with so many possibilities it will be very tough to try to round out the Yankees rotation.Pitchers like Yu Darvish, CJ Wilson, Mark Buehrle and Edwin Jackson are free agents while potential trade candidates include Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Felix Hernandez, Gio Gonzalez and Josh Johnson.With those [...]

New York Yankees: Projected Lineup for 2012 »

Projecting a team's lineup for the following season before Winter Meetings start is a tough business because most major free agents are still on the market and major trades have not occurred yet.So, in order to do this I must first predict trades and free agents signings and then make a lineup. Lets see what the Yankees lineup will look like in [...]

MLB Free Agents 2012: 5 Free Agents the New York »

It's the season of free agency, and you can bet the New York Yankees are looking to make some moves.They need to solidify their rotation and add a solid pitcher behind CC Sabathia.  The Yankees also should look to improve their bench.Their name's been attached to just about every big name out there, but that doesn't mean they should be going [...]

NY Yankees: Will an Extra Wild Card Re-Ignite the »

When I heard the Houston Astros would be taking their perennial mediocrity show to the American League next season, I felt awkward—kind of like when a grandparent gets re-married.  Something just feels unnatural about realignment.  However, the second part of Bud Selig's plan more than compensated.  Plans were announced to add [...]

MLB Free Agency: 10 Reasons Why Jorge Posada’s »

It takes a lot to walk away from a game you love, especially if you think you still have something left.That's the decision Jorge Posada has to make now.  Does he go out for one last hurrah?  Or does he walk away now, satisfied with what he's done?That is never an easy decision.Posada can walk away with his head held high, or he can be [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: Will NY Yankees Trade Nick Swisher, »

Thus far, it has been a rather slow start to the MLB offseason.  Apart from the Yankees re-upping with CC Sabathia and the Phillies scooping up Jonathan Papelbon, there hasn't been a whole lot going on to really get the hot stove burning just yet. So, that leaves everyone from MLB insiders to the common fans patiently waiting for the [...]

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