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New York Yankees: What Will the Yankees’ Roster »

The New York Yankees are an aging team that need an influx of young players from the minor leagues.Players like Derek Jeter and Mariano Rivera will unfortunately be retired so who will step in and fill their shoes? Who will keep the Yankees in contention year in and year out?The Yankees built their dynasty from 1996 to 2000 through a balance of [...]

MLB Trade Talk: Will New York Yankees Deal for Dan »

So far it's been a quiet offseason in the Bronx.  There hasn't been much activity from the New York Yankees since they re-signed ace CC Sabathia to a sparkling new contract extension.  Yankees GM Brian Cashman has poked around a bit, meeting with a few agents and calling some GMs about potential trades, but nothing has yet to come to [...]

New York Yankees: Should the Yankees Inquire About »

The Yankees need pitching, that is for sure, but finding a frontline starter is easier said than done.People have already discussed deals for Gio Gonzalez, Felix Hernandez, Matt Cain, Tim Lincecum, Jair Jurrjens and James Shields among others, but there is one name that's very intriguing: Michael Pineda.Yes, the same Pineda that was considered a [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: New York Yankees’ Patience is »

The most consistent speculation we've heard during the offseason has been a possible trade between the New York Yankees and Atlanta Braves, possibly including young starter Jair Jurrjens.Nothing has been confirmed yet, but recently the New York Daily News reported that the Braves contacted the Yankees about a possible deal involving [...]

Yankees and Braves, Could They Become Trade Partners »

The possibility of the Yankees and Braves hooking up again for a trade seems a whole lot more likely, after the Daily News reported that the Braves are interested in the budding SS Eduardo Nunez.Nunez played a major role in 2011 for New York, appearing in 112 games at both SS and 3b, filling in for either Alex Rodriguez while he was hurt, Derek [...]

New York Yankees: Should the Yankees Trade Eduardo »

The New York Daily News recently published an article that said that the Atlanta Braves called Brian Cashman regarding Eduardo Nunez. The Yankees need pitching, so it can be implied that they would ask for Jair Jurrjens, who is rumored to be being shopped.Would the Yankees trade Eduardo Nunez [...]

MLB Trade Talks: 6 Teams Who Would Trade for Mark »

It has been a very successful three years for Mark Teixeira in New York. He has been accepted and eventually loved by the crowd for his ability to not only hit the long ball, but field the ball like few first basemen in the game can. He has won a title (2009), an objective of his coming to the team. His play in the postseason, however, has left [...]

MLB Free Agent News : 10 Players Who Turned Down the »

There aren't many players who can turn down an offer from the New York Yankees.  The allure of big money and big fame is usually too tantalizing to resist.But there are always those exceptions.For one reason or another, they have declined the piles of money and passed on the exposure, while others have refused to wear the pinstripes out of [...]

Ranking the Top 8 AL MVP Contenders »

The 2011 AL MVP will be announced today, November 21st, and I think there are eight realistic candidates for the award.This would be my ballot if I had a vote. I will be explaining my criteria for why I chose certain people over others.Here we go, let's see who the candidates are for the AL MVP Award.Begin Slideshow

2011 AL MVP: Just Say No to Curtis Granderson, Please »

Curtis Granderson as AL MVP would be a travesty.  In early October, he was voted as the AL MVP by the Internet Baseball Writers Association of America.  And he’s a favourite to win again.  Essentially, his 2011 was as good as Jose Bautista’s 2010 season when Bautista finished fourth in MVP voting.  It’s just [...]

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