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MLB Free Agents 2012: Yankees Inviting C.J. Wilson to »

This week began the General Manager's meetings, which were held in Milwaukee.For Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman, he only met with one agent, but it's the agent of two of the most sought after pitchers this winter.According to Wallace Matthews of ESPN, Cashman and Bob Garber had a meeting in Cashman's hotel room at the Pfister Hotel to [...]

Jorge Posada: Why He Should Retire Instead of Look to »

Earlier this month, 40-year-old Jorge Posada announced that he would not re-sign with the Yankees next season, and would look for other teams that would give him options or simply just retire. Although it is rumored that some clubs have contacted Posada on playing for them next season, I think that he should just retire now. The 40-year-old [...]

MLB Free Agency 2012: Where Would Grady Sizemore Fit »

The New York Yankees are one of eight teams that have either asked for copies of Grady Sizemore's medical records or reached out to his agent Joe Urbon to express their interest in the 28-year-old free-agent outfielder, according to ESPN's Jerry Crasnick (ESPN Insider required to view link).Once considered to be one of the up-and-coming stars of [...]

MLB Free Agents 2012: 10 Better Uses of Yankees’ »

CC Sabathia is a very good pitcher and deserves all the money that he gets. However, there are some players that the Yankees could have spent money on instead of Sabathia. I will show you some of the players that the Yankees could have gotten if CC opted out of his contract.To the slides we go. Begin Slideshow

MLB Free Agents 2012: Should the New York Yankees Look »

The Yankees' main priority going into the winter has been upgrading their starting rotation.Yankees GM Brian Cashman will look all over the market and through trading to help the Yankees.He could, however, look to deal one of his own pitchers to help the team going forward in 2012.The Yankees are still on the hook for another two years and $33 [...]

New York Yankees Are Not To Blame for the Outrageous »

I was sitting in the car drinking coffee at the local 7-11 when I read a sign in the window. Two 20-ounce bottles of Coca-Cola were on sale for $2.79. My mind raced to the New York Yankees, which is not unusual, at least not for me. I usually associate almost everything and anything with the Yankees. Food prices at Yankee Stadium started to [...]

Stats and Facts for Fans of Baseball’s Greatest »

With the hot stove season in full swing and baseball news about free agents and trades dominating the headlines, for fans of baseball's greatest franchise, the Yankees, there is also a treasure trove of history to appreciate.  So enjoy: Yankee Stadium Factoids and Oddities The original Yankee Stadium had 36 ticket booths and 40 [...]

Roy Oswalt: How He Could Become the New York Yankees »

Saying the New York Yankees need starting pitching is as obvious as when Donnie told The Dude the phone was ringing in The Big Lebowski.  After watching A.J. Burnett “just try to have fun,” the “dead arm” of Phil Hughes never be resuscitated and Bartolo Colón disintegrate down the stretch, it’s quite clear [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Bold Trade Ideas This Offseason »

Let me start out by saying that these trades proposals are very, very bold and probably will not happen. They are just ideas to start conversation about the future of the Yankees, their needs and what trade chips they could possibly use to trade to improve their team.Lets look at 10 bold trade ideas for the Yankees this offseason.Begin Slideshow

New York Yankees: Judging the Trades, 2010-11 Edition »

The game of baseball has always had clearly defined winners and losers. On the other hand, the business of baseball­, i.e., the trades and signings teams make, hasn't. For years baseball writers have dissected and analyzed trades to see what team benefitted more from the deal. New York has always been active in the trade market, but they've [...]

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