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New York Yankees Trade Deadline: A Fan’s Plea »

Dear Brian Cashman,With the trade deadline fast approaching I beg you to make smart moves.I beg you not to mortgage the future on some team's "ace" when that pitcher would be at best a number three or four starter in the American League East.I beg you not to overpay for a Japanese pitcher. The Yankees haven't had much success with that in the past [...]

Yankees Trade Rumors: The Bronx Bombers Need Lefty »

The New York Yankees are three games away from dethroning the first-place Boston Red Sox. With the MLB trade deadline looming and a bullpen full of right-handed pitchers, the Yanks need to pursue lefty relievers to overthrow the boys from Beantown. Damaso Marte is out. Pedro Feliciano is out. Rafael Soriano is out. And it’s no secret that [...]

Yankees Trade Rumors: Updating Ubaldo and the Bombers »

In about 65 hours, or roughly 3,900 minutes from now, the Yankees chances to acquire reinforcements for their starting rotation will become that much more difficult as the 4 p.m. EST July 31 MLB Non-Waiver Trade Deadline will have come and gone.After the continued struggles of Phil Hughes and AJ Burnett, coupled with the hit-or-miss outings of [...]

Hideki Irabu’s Tragic Death Ushers Need for »

"Fat Pussy Toad."Imagine that etched on your tombstone for eternity. For Hideki Irabu one wonders if he could ever escape it as reports out of California today seem to indicate suicide for the former Yankee...A tragic end to a story that began with such promise.   There was a time not too long ago when bringing a player over from Japan [...]

New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Yankees Checking out »

Rich Harden hasn’t pitched much this season thanks to his usual array of injuries, but he started Thursday night for the Oakland Athletics, and the Yankees were there to check him out, according to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. Harden has been out all season with a strained lat. He returned on July 1st and has been a bit rusty, but [...]

Hideki Irabu: Forever a Part of the New York Yankees »

When I first heard the news today of Hideki Irabu's passing, one of the first things that came to mind was a question: Will the Yankees hold a moment of silence for him before tomorrow's game at the Stadium? As every Yankee fan knows, Irabu's tenure with the team was an unsuccessful one, so much so that when he left, he was forgotten quicker than [...]

Breaking Down Bryce Harper and Each MLB Team’s »

Now that the mid-point of the season has arrived, why not have some updated scouting reports on each MLB teams' top prospect?These are the players of the future. The Derek Jeter's, the Albert Pujols's and the Ryan Braun's—who is next to become a star like them? This article doesn't include people who are rookies in the 2011 [...]

New York Yankees Trade Rumors: Is Adding Ubaldo »

George A. King of the New York Post reports that the New York Yankees are still keeping a close eye on Colorado Rockies pitcher Ubaldo Jimenez.King confirms that a Yankees scout was in Denver for the second time in a week on Tuesday night, and not to watch the Rockies beat up on the Atlanta Braves. Just to see if [...]

New York Yankees: Former Yankee Pitcher Hideki Irabu »

Hardball Talk is reporting that the former New York Yankees, Montreal Expos and Texas Rangers pitcher Hideki Irabu was found dead in his California apartment.  While no further details are being provided right now, it appears suicide by hanging was the cause of his death.While Irabu never truly flourished in the United States as a [...]

Yankees Trade Rumors: 5 Starting Pitchers New York »

The New York Yankees are once again in heated trade negotiations as the July 31 MLB trade deadline approaches. Aside from the utmost delusional Yankees fan, most realize this pitching rotation simply isn’t good enough to compete for a World Series. Bartolo Colon and Freddy Garcia have been excellent, by their standards. They have far and [...]

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