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MLB Trade Speculation: Will Yankees Consider Acquiring »

As the month of May gets closer to the end and the 2011 baseball season moves along, we've had some interesting drama these past few weeks with the Yankees.Jorge Posada asked Joe Girardi to be taken out of the lineup before a game with the Boston Red Sox because he was slated to hit ninth, which since then has sparked major debate and talks about [...]

MLB Trade Rumors: 4 GMs Whose Jobs Hinge on the 2011 »

It may be one of the toughest jobs in sports. The General Manager picks the players. He picks the manager. Just keeping up with contracts and luxury taxes and dealing with agents is enough to drive a man crazy. When things are going well, the manager is a genius or the players are phenomenal. If the team is losing, then the GM is an idiot and [...]

New York Yankees: Bronx Bombers Show New »

For years, Red Sox fans have heard that age will soon catch up to the New York Yankees, but the Pinstripes have always wound up performing well and staying in contention for a World Series title. Well, maybe this is the year that age will begin impacting the Yanks.  Early signs suggest that.  First, at least two of the Yanks' key players [...]

New Blood: The 2011 Yankees Need a Spark from the Farm »

This morning, Mike Silva of the New York Baseball Digest wrote that the Yankees need some fresh faces.Couldn't agree more. In fact, I think they should go even further than Silva suggests. The Yankees average age of 31.5 is the oldest in the American League. Their average pitching age of 31.2 is the oldest in the majors. In short, they are old. [...]

Derek Jeter: Would Yankees Consider Trading for a »

Derek Jeter's name has been in the headlines recently for all of the wrong reasons. First it was for his inability to hit anything other than a ground ball to the second baseman. Then it was for his backing of Jorge Posada and telling reporters that he had nothing to apologize for, which didn't sit too well with the big boys upstairs.Would [...]

The Greatest Players in New York Yankee History: »

(To view this article, or takes on the rest of the Major Leagues, the NFL, the NBA and more, visit soapboxsportsbyte or follow @soapBxSprtsByte)As I alluded to earlier, I will spend a large portion of my time on work for baseball digest for the forseeable future. That doesn't mean you won't see new posts on SBSB, but just keep an eye out [...]

“Jorge Posada and Derek Jeter Must Retire from the »

“Jorge Posada and Captain Derek Jeter must retire from the game the right way” Aging is often the greatest fear of a professional athlete. Multi-millionaires and superstars choose to handle decline differently. Some like Jorge Posada deny it, resisting the idea that he should hit ninth; some choose to sleep in the clubhouse and refuse [...]

The Ball’s in Your Court: Tyson, Yankees, D-Wade »

This time of year has a lot of NBA action on the court.It also has been a time of action in the courts.Over the past few weeks, several high-profile lawsuits have been made public. They have involved such sports teams and personalities as the New York Yankees, Mike Tyson, Charles Oakley, Lenny Dykstra and retired NFL players.And a lawsuit [...]

New York Yankees: Jorge Vazquez Should Take over DH »

There is no doubt the New York Yankees should have a guy named Jorge as their everyday designated hitter right now. The only problem is this organization continues to use Jorge Posada when they should be turning to Jorge Vazquez.Super prospect Jesus Montero gets all the attention, at least from the casual fans, to replace the at-the-end Posada. [...]

New York Yankees Sign Pitcher Randy Flores for Bullpen »

The New York Yankees have been in desperate need for bullpen help. On Wednesday, they signed left-handed veteran Randy Flores to a minor-league deal, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports. The 35-year old was playing with the San Diego Padres in their minor league system, but opted out of his contract this week. A couple of teams were [...]

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