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Saturday May 25th 2024


New Blood: The 2011 Yankees Need a Spark from the Farm System

morning, Mike Silva of the New York Baseball Digest wrote that the Yankees need some fresh faces.

Couldn't agree more. In fact, I think they should go even further than Silva suggests.

The Yankees average age of 31.5 is the oldest in the American League. Their average pitching age of 31.2 is the oldest in the majors. In short, they are old.

And it shows. Despite the immense talent on the roster and the good start to the season, the bats have been a bit slow.

Overall, the Yankees look a bit creaky and are starting to slow down in all phases of the game.

The Yankees don't trust their farm system—I've written that before. Due to the fact that the Yankees' core tenet is to win and win now, they have no patience ...

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