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New York Yankees vs. Toronto Blue Jays Running Blog: »

My luck hasn't been too great this year at the Stadium; I've been to five or six ballgames so far in 2011, and I'm not sure if the Yankees have won once. If they did, it sure wasn't very memorable. Tonight started with an absolutely excellent omen, as my father and I found parking on the street for just about the first time since ever. Too [...]

New York Yankees 2011: Should the Yankees Be Concerned »

Panicked? No. Concerned? Maybe. As of this writing, the well-paid, Yankee first baseman is batting .248—well below his .284 lifetime average, and a far cry from the .207 he hit in 2007. After batting .220 last year in September and October, Teixeira started —for him—fairly decently. Tex batted .256 and six HRs in April, not bad [...]

2011 New York Yankees: History Shows They Are Too »

What a relief Sunday’s rubber match between the Mets and Yankees was for the Bronx faithful.  Not simply because the Yankees took the third game of the series in resilient fashion, rebounding from an initial 3-1 deficit, but because their explosive eight-run seventh inning demonstrated the Bombers’ offense at its best—that [...]

MLB Trade Speculation: 7 Outlandish Moves That Could »

Big names could be on the move. Let it be known, these are all long-shot deals. Someone in the comment box will probably explain why each is absolutely impossible, but baseball fans would be ignorant to dismiss them. Make no mistake. Every one of these deals could happen. They are unlikely, and most of the players involved will be in [...]

Derek Jeter and the 25 Most-Beloved Players in New »

In New York, baseball is not just a sport.  Rather, it is something that fans live and die by, as well as bond over.  Go to a New York Yankees game, and in the stands, you'll become friends with people you otherwise would never have talked to.  The same can be said for attending a Mets game at Citifield.As much as New York fans love [...]

AJ Burnett, Joba Chamberlain & Other Yankees Ready »

When baseball players fall into the same insufficient pattern season after season, it is difficult for fans to believe they can rise above and perform to their full potential as players. Going into the 2011 season, fans had difficulty believing that the New York Yankees would be able to possess a starting rotation with the qualities of [...]

Curtis Granderson’s Critical Sacrifice Bunt Is »

Probably my favorite moment of the Yankees' season so far took place Sunday afternoon against the Mets.With the score tied at three and nobody out in the bottom of the seventh, Curtis Granderson stepped to the plate with runners on first and second.Despite ranking second in the Majors with 16 homers, including one earlier in the game, Granderson [...]

New York Yankees: Derek Jeter, 4 Other Bronx Bombers »

Despite a dismal start by Boston early in the season, the Red Sox are merely a half game out of first place, and the separation between first and last place in the notoriously brutal AL East is just four games. Although the Yankees are third in runs scored and first in slugging percentage, their .254 overall batting average ranks just [...]

Why Joe Torre, Not Casey Stengel, Is the Best Manager »

(Who is the best second baseman in Yankees history? It's probably not who you'd expect. Click here to find out. On the other hand, the franchise player is probably EXACTLY who you think it is. Click here for that piece.)This is the culmination of my MASSIVE Yankees all-time team, which took me around two dozen hours to complete between [...]

MLB Power Rankings: The 15 Easiest Hall of Famers in »

Most hitters in the Hall of Fame are there because they did great things with the bat.  However, some were also just as likely to swing and miss as they were to hit over .300 or bash 40 or more home runs. Just because the title says "easiest to strike out" doesn't mean it was simple to do so; it's just that, when a pitcher faced them, they [...]

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