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Buck Showalter Needs to Shut Up About Derek Jeter »

Buck Showalter has made a fool out of himself. He was quoted as talking about yelling at Derek Jeter in a game last season for bailing out on inside pitches. He said his team could not believe he was yelling at Derek Jeter. There is a good reason Jeter bails on inside pitches. In the history of baseball, Derek Jeter is 19th all time in being hit [...]

MLB Preview: Alex Rodriguez and 7 Veterans Who Will Go »

When baseball fans hear certain names, they may not think of the most recent accomplishments.When you hear Alfonso Soriano, you don't think .240, 24 HR. Anyone who has followed baseball for a few years will think of one of the most exciting power/speed combinations in the past decade. These are some players who have a chance this season to [...]

New York Yankees Stars Top List of Major League »

Although in the twilight of his Hall of Fame career, New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter’s appeal among baseball fans is eons from fading into the sunset. According to a joint release by Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Player Association, Jeter, Minnesota Twins catcher Joe Mauer and Philadelphia Phillies starting [...]

New York Yankees Catching Prospects: An Analysis of »

The New York Yankees have a wealth of young catching prospects, and it is going to be very interesting to see what they do with all these backstops this year and over the next four or five years. Jorge Posada has been the regular Yankee catcher since 1998, but he is now the full time DH. Despite talk that young stud Jesus Montero would be given a [...]

2011 MLB News: Bartolo Colon and the Filling of the »

A $189 million payroll can buy a team a lot. A Hall-of-Fame infield, a top of the rotation ace, and the best closer in baseball are just a few of the players that the Steinbrenner's covet and signed to exorbitant contracts.But does any of it work without adequate pitching?The Yankees are looking at their fourth and fifth starters, and are [...]

New York Yankees: 10 Things That Need to Happen for »

Over a year ago, the New York Yankees were World Series champions, an honor every team in baseball strives for each year. To become the best team in baseball, like the Yankees have been considered many times before, it takes hard work, dedication and composure on the field. All of these characteristics and more were seen by the Yankees in [...]

2011 MLB Offseason: New York Yankees Remain Unusually »

Has anyone else noticed that the New York Yankees have had an extremely quiet offseason? Well, for them at least. Look past the disastrous Cliff Lee sweepstakes, the public relations nightmare that the Derek Jeter re-signing turned into and the Rafael Soriano disagreement—all of which were blown out of proportion by the way—what did [...]

Derek Jeter or Brett Gardner Leading off for New York »

One of the few remaining decisions for the New York Yankees in this spring training is a final choice of leadoff hitter. The choice for manager Joe Girardi comes down to Derek Jeter or Brett Gardner. Jeter is a 16-year veteran who had a down year in 2010.  Jeter has made adjustments to his setup at the plate which have been successful this [...]

Fantasy Baseball Draft Alert: Rajai Davis and Brett »

Rotoworld suggested that Brett Gardner, who has been leading off recently in spring training games for the New York Yankees, could start the season off in that slot. Gardner, who scored 97 runs in 569 plate appearances, could challenge for the league lead in runs scored if he is hitting out of that slot. For starters, he sports a solid .383 [...]

New York Yankees Spring Training: Bartolo Colon Should »

Through four starts in spring training, Bartolo Colon has a 2.40 ERA, a .192 BAA, a 0.73 WHIP and 17 strikeouts in 15 innings pitched.  So, why am I arguing against this obvious Cy Young hopeful and godsend to the Yankees pitching staff earning a spot in the starting rotation come Opening Day? History, for starters.  Colon, who didn't [...]

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