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Friday April 19th 2024


Buck Showalter Needs to Shut Up About Derek Jeter Bailing Out on Inside Pitches

Showalter has made a fool out of himself.

He was quoted as talking about yelling at Derek Jeter in a game last season for bailing out on inside pitches. He said his team could not believe he was yelling at Derek Jeter.

There is a good reason Jeter bails on inside pitches.

In the history of baseball, Derek Jeter is 19th all time in being hit by pitches. Among current players he is tied for fourth on the list with his teammate, Alex Rodriguez.

Each has been hit 152 times.

Only Jason Kendall, Carlos Delgado and Jason Giambi have been hit more times than Jeter among players still active on a major league roster.

The all-time HBP leader is Old Ee-Yah, Hughie Jennings, who last actually played in 1902. ...

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