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MLB: 5 Hidden Gem Ballplayers That Could Leave Their »

A soul-soothing, mid-May dusk settled over Baltimore City the night the baseball world stood still. On 333 West Camden Street, at the Orioles' swank, monolithic brick and wrought-iron ballpark, New York Yankees fans stood with hands cupped over mouths, still shocked by what just occurred on the infield. Yankees captain Derek Jeter had just [...]

MLB 2011 Preview: American League Predictions »

It's official—the 2011 Major League Baseball season is right around the corner. Don't believe me? Just ask the groundhog. Or maybe the fact that the next edition of Major League Baseball video games are primed for release will convince you. No?  Ok, the Super Bowl is over and so is another season of the National Football League. [...]

New York Yankees: What Joba’s Gut Says About »

It started out innocently enough.Last Wednesday, Joba Chamberlain was among several Yankees pitchers to report early to the team's spring complex in Tampa, and some beat writers on the scene remarked on Twitter that the reliever looked as though he'd put on weight.Only, nothing is really innocent when it comes to Twitter and reporting anymore. The [...]

New York Yankees Past and Present: The Ultimate »

If you had the ability to put together a lineup for your favorite team, using players from the franchise's history as well as the current roster, what would the lineup look like? That's my goal: to try to create the ultimate lineup.  This time around I will see what I can come up with for the New York Yankees. The only criteria I had for [...]

New York Yankees Prospects Dellin Betances, Manuel »

Via Mark Feinsand of the NY Daily News: Brian Cashman told me today that neither Dellin Betances nor Manuel Banuelos have a shot to make the Yankees’ rotation, as both are ticketed for Double-A Trenton when the season opens. “Betances and Banuelos aren’t earning spots in the rotation out of spring training,” Cashman [...]

New York Yankees’ Joba the Gut: Weight »

When Joba Chamberlain reported to spring training, he was noticeably heavier. Even Yankees GM Brian Cashman said "Joba's obviously heavier. Let's just leave it at that." Well, at this rate, the Yankees may want to leave Chamberlain in Florida when they break camp, because he isn't showing any signs that he wants a role with this team. When the [...]

New York Yankees’ Patience, Part 5 (of 6): »

With all of 50 at bats at the major league level, this prospect from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, is already infamous in Yankees history.  He will forever be known as the player that did not land Cliff Lee. Born on June 15, 1987, Eduardo Michelle Nunez is a right handed batter standing at 6'0", weighing in at 155 pounds. Tall and lanky, [...]

New York Yankees: Why They Should Make a Run at Albert »

As Spring Training approaches, talk about Albert Pujols leaving St. Louis and testing free agency after the 2011 season has arisen. Where should Albert go? How much will he be worth? Well, all that can be answered is he will be worth a lot. As to where he will go, that remains a mystery—that is, if he goes anywhere at all. Would it be [...]

New York Yankees and Their $200-Million, Mediocre »

The whole offseason drama with the Yankees was: "Who's going to pitch for us?" The Yankees have talented minor league pitching prospects, but they aren't ready to pitch by Opening Day and they have free agents on their staff, with decidedly mixed results. Where that leaves the Yankees as Spring Training 2011 begins is with a starting rotation with [...]

New York Yankees’ Early Spring Training Tidbits: »

Pitchers and catchers have officially arrived at camp to begin workouts. Position players are arriving as well. It’s that time of year when everyone makes a big deal out of little issues. That keeps spring training fun for us fans and media. The toughest job this season falls in the hands of new pitching coach Larry Rothschild. He has the [...]

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