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Friday April 19th 2024


MLB: 5 Hidden Gem Ballplayers That Could Leave Their Mark On Baseball

soul-soothing, mid-May dusk settled over Baltimore City the night the baseball world stood still.

On 333 West Camden Street, at the Orioles' swank, monolithic brick and wrought-iron ballpark, New York Yankees fans stood with hands cupped over mouths, still shocked by what just occurred on the infield.

Yankees captain Derek Jeter had just combined with Robinson Cano to turn one of the most electrifying double plays ever seen in baseball history.  The play was so unbelievable, Yankee faithful could not help but stand and present ovation. 

Even some Orioles fans could not help but rise to their feet and join rival visiting fans, at the sight of 36-year-old Jeter flying through the dust-filled air like the most graceful bird. 

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