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Friday October 22nd 2021


New York Yankees and Their $200-Million, Mediocre Pitching Staff

whole offseason drama with the Yankees was: "Who's going to pitch for us?"

The Yankees have talented minor league pitching prospects, but they aren't ready to pitch by Opening Day and they have free agents on their staff, with decidedly mixed results.

Where that leaves the Yankees as Spring Training 2011 begins is with a starting rotation with holes the size of fishing nets. Just how did the richest organization in sports get into this mess?

Short answer: They don't develop pitchers. 

Since the "Core Four" came up together in 1996, the Yankees have developed exactly one starting pitcher: Phil Hughes.

For years, the Yankees relied on Andy Pettitte and a bevy of free agents: Clemens, Mussina, Wells, Pavano, ...

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