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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Yanks on Top in 2009…What about 2010?

they made it. The Yankees, World Series Champs.

The crazy part of this is that they made it with half of their cylinders firing, sputtering across the line. They barely made it, with Melky Cabrera and Damon coming up lame and two parts of a five man rotation missing.

Chien Ming Wang...long gone.

Joba Chamberlain...ineffective as a starter.

Nick Swisher and Cano and Posada were non factors in the last game...and for most of the playoffs for the first two of that bunch. We all knew who hit and didn't. It was a true team effort that is rare to see in these days. They didn't have their best stuff but won anyway. Next year they should be by all accounts stronger and deeper than this year.

Francisco Cervelli will ...

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