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Saturday May 25th 2024


Yankees vs. Red Sox at Fenway: Anything Can and Will Happen

is 162 grueling games played in more than a dozen cities; now on the field, we conserve our energy, on the road we conserve our food." -Pitching Coach Brickma in Rookie Of The Year.

Baseball is indeed a long schedule.

This means a few things to me at this point after one week is complete.  It is way too early to be saying anything negative about the Red Sox, and Yankees shouldn't get too comfortable.

Playing an 0-6 Boston Red Sox team, in my opinion, is more dangerous than playing them with a winning record.

Those fans and players are hungry, and the Yankees are on the menu.

Meanwhile, the Yankees are off to a decent start, winning both of their opening series' against the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota ...

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