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Thursday June 13th 2024


Yankees-Twins: New York Dash Minnesota’s Hopes Once Again

after the Friday night New York—Minnesota ALDS game, I received a text from the Shore Sports Report home office.

It read: "This team is special."

Yes it is.

This 2009 Yankee team never ceases to amaze, especially when the chips seeme piled high on the other side of the poker table. It's like the other player throws down his winning three-of-a-kind hand and smiles...right before the Yankees pull the 10 of clubs on the last card to hit that inside straight.

The Yankees have hit that inside straight so often this season, it appears they are playing with a marked deck.

A marked deck the Minnesota Twins have yet to figure out in 2009.

And it is everybody on the team who helps the Yankees win ...

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