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Monday July 13th 2020


Yankees Trade Rumors: Updating Top 7 Impact Infield Bats on N.Y.’s Radar

Chavez is a disabled list-stint waiting to happen, there's a reason the Yankees are Jayson Nix's sixth team in five years and Eduardo Nunez, well...we've been down that road before.

The fact of the matter is that while Alex Rodriguez is sidelined with a broken hand, the Yankees need to find someone that they can plug into the position on a daily basis and not have to think about pinch-hitting for or replacing defensively late in games.

According to CBS Sports' Jon Heyman, Brian Cashman and company have compiled a lengthy list of potential acquisitions, from All-Stars to has-beens and everything in between.

So who are we talking about and what are the odds that the Yanks can pull of a deal in the next 24 hours?

Let's take a ...

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