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Saturday June 15th 2024


Yankees-Rangers: Should a Team Alter Its Offensive Strategy for Rain?

baseball, there are such things as intentional walks on defense. Could there be such a thing as intentional strikeouts on offense? That is a question that may have been put to the Yankees last night.

You're the home team, with one out in the bottom of the fourth. You have just made the breakthrough of a formerly tied game; first, having loaded the bases, and then scoring all three runners on two subsequent hits, leaving you with men on first and third, ahead 4-1.

Suddenly, it begins to rain. The weatherman has told you, accurately as it turns out, that if it does rain, the rain will be hard enough to end a game.

Rain-shortened games are counted, if they last at least five innings. If the home team is leading at the end of four and a ...

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