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Thursday May 23rd 2024


Yankees’ Potent Offense Might Increase C.C. Sabathia’s ERA

are three kinds of lies,” the age-old adage goes, “lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

While Sabathia’s poor outing (5.1, 10-7) against the Tampa Bay Rays on Thursday night probably put an end to his AL Cy Young Award aspirations, the Hernandez vs. Sabathia debate was certainly a fascinating one while it lasted. It all seemed to boil down to which statistic is more important: Felix Hernandez’ 2.31 ERA or C.C. Sabathia’s 20 wins?

The most fascinating element of this debate was that the statements out of both sides were, for the most part, all true: "Baseball is about winning (duh)," "AL pitchers don't contribute to run support, but can control their ERA," "Hernandez is an outstanding pitcher," "Sabathia ...

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