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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Yankees Mickey Mantle: Casey Stengel’s Crown Jewel Faced Unbearable Pressure

Mantle was the crown jewel of Casey Stengel's managerial career, but it took a while.

Mantle had a sensational spring in 1951, which put tremendous pressure on the New York Yankees to keep him on the roster, but Stengel knew Mantle's potential and wanted him to develop properly.

Stengel told the press that Mantle would have to play every day if he made the team, which would be risky. Near the end of spring training, Mantle was signed to a contract with the Yankees' top farm club in Kansas City. Stengel emphasized that didn't mean Mantle wouldn't make the Yankees.

Mantle was placed onto the Yankees roster on Apr. 7. He was under tremendous pressure to succeed.

The fact that he played in New York City for the greatest team in ...

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