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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Yankees Latest Dumb Move Has Yankee Critics Like Me Puzzled

the Yankee$ reacquired starting pitcher Javier Vazquez (pictured) for a prospect and namely spot starter Melky Cabrera who went to the Braves. Due to this, this day, December 22, 2009 may live in infamy since I think it has the potential to be a stupid, hasty move.

Consider that last year at this time, Traitor Tex, formerly of the Los Angeles Angels and Braves, signed his massive mercenary contract with the Bronx Billionaires-i.e. the Yankee$.

What a difference a year makes.

Not only did the Yankees reacquire a pitcher that didn't exactly light it up the first time he went there (14-10 4.91 ERA, including nothing in the postseason to speak of), but in doing so, they also added to their supposedly shrinking payroll.

Vazquez ...

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