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Saturday June 15th 2024


Yankees Fans Not Satisfied with 6-1 Start to the Playoffs

had the chance to attend Game 2 of the ALCS this past weekend, in which the Yankees took on the Angels. 

First off, let me say it was the most exciting game I have ever gone to.

Sitting in Section 202 of the bleachers, I had a great view of the game, and an even better scent of all the drunk fans around me.

Better yet was the atmosphere. 

There were many ups and downs to the game. Many fans booed when Joba was taken out, and even more when Damaso Marte was brought in (I booed the loudest). 

But that really didn't matter. 

What mattered to me and all Yankee fans is that the Yankees won the game, in a rather dramatic fashion. 

But is that really enough for Yankees ...

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