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Sunday April 21st 2024


Yankees Face October as $200M Underdogs in 1st Postseason Since ‘Core Four’ Era

class="ui-droppable">Alex Rodriguez said they were underdogs, and for once we didn't laugh at the thought.

The New York Yankees as underdogs?

It's a crazy concept, given their $200 million-plus payroll and their history. It's fair to say the Yankees never should be underdogs to make the playoffs, but it's just as fair to say that this year they were.

And it's even fairer to say they're bigger underdogs now that they're in.

Seriously, is anyone picking this club to win the World Series? Has any Yankee team in recent memory entered a postseason with lower expectations?

Oh, they could be favorites in Tuesday's American League Wild Card Game, especially if the Minnesota Twins can somehow emerge with the AL's other ...

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