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Tuesday May 28th 2024


Yankee Stadium Dispatch: 47 Ads, $10 Beer and Derek Jeter’s New House

went to my first game at the new Yankee Stadium this week. Considering how much I love the Yankees, many of my friends have expressed surprised that I haven’t been to a game sooner.

Obviously, none of them have priced the cost of a baseball game in the last 20 or so years. 

Frankly, if the tickets hadn’t been a gift (thank you), I never would’ve gone. As it turns out, I should’ve had a few bake sales to pay for the cost of everything else. 

My mom and I sat in one of the upper decks in right field. I couldn’t see Nick Swisher below me. Curtis Granderson, playing center, weaved in and out of my field of vision. Balls and strikes were utterly impossible to discern.

Each ticket was $22. ...

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