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Monday November 29th 2021


Yankee Haters, Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game…Derek Jeter Not a Cheater

figured since no one has decided to defend the Captain, then it was only fitting that I would step up to the plate and do it myself.

It has been three days now since Derek Jeter picked up the nickname, "Cheater Jeter," or "Jeter the Cheater." Either way you slice it, majority of those people either hate the New York Yankees or Jeter. He could hit a home run and people still would find a way to criticize him and his teammates.

Some people even have the audacity to say that he has diminishing skills; a has-been and a never-was. People don't just tend to fall off the map in a year, it is normally an on going process. So call me crazy, but couldn't it just be a bad year. I mean the guy was 35 last year and had a .334 batting average with 18 homers. He is only ...

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