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Sunday September 20th 2020


Would Yankees Trading Curtis Granderson Open Up Giancarlo Stanton Blockbuster?

anybody else get the feeling that the New York Yankees are being too quiet this offseason?

Me too, and I don't trust it. The Yankees being quiet during the offseason is sort of like an electric guitar being quiet in a garage. Sooner or later, that thing is going to go off and the neighbors are going to be none too happy about it.

Case in point, remember that time the Yankees were laying low and then traded for Michael Pineda and signed Hiroki Kuroda within a matter of hours? Remember that other time a few years back when they traded for Alex Rodriguez after it looked like the Boston Red Sox were going to trade for him?

Yeah, Brian Cashman is a crafty one. And though he hasn't given any hints as to what he might be up to this winter, ...

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