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Thursday June 13th 2024


World Series Preview: What the New York Yankees Must Do to Win it All

was fast. My night of celebration ended about 15 minutes after I posted the last piece . Immediately, my mind started to shift to the new question at hand.

How do the Yankees beat the Phillies this week?

Here's the game plan, in three(-ish) parts:


1. Use the Long Lineup to Tire Out Cliff Lee and the Philly Starters Early. Then, Go to Work on the Bullpen.

This has been the plan for every postseason series the Yankees have played, and it's going to become more important—and more effective—against National League pitchers who are used to eight-man lineups.

If Lee, Pedro(!), and Hamels have to throw 17-18 pitches an inning, the Yankees will have three innings each game to gut the Phillies' ...

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