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Thursday May 30th 2024


With The Doc In, Time For CC Sabathia to Step Up

about CC Sabathia's sluggish start with the Yankees is kind of like Tom Brady complaining that Gisele Bundchen hogs the covers when they're in bed.

No one feels sorry for you. Get over yourself. And screw you for even bringing this up in mixed company.

Yankees fans are used to this apathetic mentality. New York's 40-23 mark entering Tuesday's action is tied for the best record in baseball, and as such, the fanbase would probably be wise to keep the griping to a minimum, lest a poor Orioles fan overhear any of the conversation and drive into a wall at 120 MPH.

But the idea that a Yankees fan, or a fan of any successful team, shouldn't complain or doesn't have the right to complain, is way off-base. Airing grievances about your ...

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