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Friday June 14th 2024


With So Much Drama In The M-L-B, It’s Kind Of Hard Bein’ Ay-arR-Oh-Dee

ground. By the swings. 3 o’clock. Be there or…”

No matter where you sat on the whole brewhaha involving A’s pitcher Dallas Braden and the man we love to hate, a.k.a. Alex Rodriguez, this is pretty much what one has to hear every time the young hurler opens his mouth.

Which is quite often.

Braden didn't care for Rodriguez running across his mound a few weeks ago. OK, fine, even though it's hard to find anyone who had ever heard of that as one of baseball's unwritten rules. The general consensus seems to range from “I have never really heard about that one” to “I never gave much thought about it man”.

The A's pitcher had his say at the time and it seemed like it ...

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