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Thursday June 13th 2024


With Phillies Cleaning Up in NL, Philadelphia Isn’t a Green City, It’s a Red One

The City of Brotherly Love. A fan base classified, though often unfairly, as unruly and vicious.

A blue collar city where its residents work hard and expect the same from its professional sports teams.

You see, that's all Philadelphia fans want from their teams. Leave it all out on the playing field. Give it everything you've got. If you push yourself to the limit and fall short, so be it. You lost honorably.

Which is why football is the perfect sport for this great city. These modern day gladiators throw on pads and a helmet and sacrifice their bodies every Sunday afternoon.

Sure, Philly goes nuts for all of it's professional sports teams as well as a college basketball scene rich in tradition and history—but ...

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