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Sunday April 14th 2024


With Derek Jeter Gone, Yankees’ Boom-or-Bust Roster Could Face Turbulence

class="ui-droppable">TAMPA, Fla. — Routinely in the early days this spring, the Yankees haven't started workouts until late morning. Nobody begins their workdays this late in the spring, ever. Not in Florida. Not in Arizona.

Why did manager Joe Girardi do it? Was it because:

A. He wanted to outwait the thick morning dew and make sure the fields were dry.

B. The Yankees needed an extra couple of hours each morning to ensure that Masahiro Tanaka's elbow was still in one piece, and to get CC Sabathia weighed in.

C. Alex Rodriguez thought it would be a fabulous team-bonding exercise to hold FaceTime sessions each morning with retired icon Derek Jeter.

Correct answer? A.

But ...

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