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Friday June 14th 2024


Winning for Javier Vazquez Would Cure All

style="text-align: justify;">Ever since the Yankees reacquired Javier Vazquez, fans have been cool to the once former Yankee. Quite a few have remarked how he isn’t a good enough pitcher and some think he brings less value than Melky Cabrera would have.

That was before the season. Since the season has started and Vazquez has had a bad couple of starts, even more fans have jumped all over him. Instead of remembering the years of consistency Vazquez had thrown from 2005-2009 all anyone remembered was his last three starts in Yankee pinstripes going back to the Johnny Damon grand-slam in 2004.

As unfair as it is to him to block-out all of his success, fans will continue to do ...

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