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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Will Derek Jeter Break the All-Time Hits Record?

Yes, he is ahead of Pete Rose's pace now.

Counterpoint: I'm thinking no.  It would be nice and all but he has a long way to go.

P: Bill James gives him a six-percent chance of reaching 4,000 hits.

CP: That does not sound promising.  Projections like that are pointless. Suppose he does make it to 4,000.  He will still be 256 short of Rose.

P: Well, Jeter is still in top physical condition.

CP: Yeah, now.  When he is 43, the hits will be tougher.

P: He will have to adjust. 

CP: Well, if Jeter averages 188 hits per season for the next nine seasons, he can pull it off.  You think he can do that?

P: I'm certainly not saying it will be easy.

CP: Pete Rose says the first 3,000 hits are ...

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