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Sunday June 16th 2024


Why Nick Swisher is the Only New York Yankee I’ll Cheer For

me startout by stating that I cannot stand the New York Yankees for the life of me, but there is one player that I will cheer for to have success. That player is Nick Swisher because he's everything a major league player should be.

Swisher will never be one of the higher paid baseball players, but he'll always be the one having the most fun. His personality and the way he treats fans is refreshing especially for an athlete.

So, when Swisher came up with the bases loaded against Brian Fuentes in the top of the ninth inning of game five it was tough to not want him to try to send in the tying run.

For the record I'm not an Angel fan, pretty much any team facing the Yankees I'll be cheering for the team to beat the Yankees. I was actually ...

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