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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Why Derek Jeter Winning the MVP Award Would Be Preposterous

Jeter has had an amazing career for the New York Yankees. With that being said there's one award that has eluded him in his career and that is an MVP award, which is funny because he's never really been a MVP type player.

The definition of MVP has gotten lost in today's sports world. Now, it seems like no matter what sport the MVP goes to the most popular player rather than the player that actually deserves the award.

My definition of an MVP for baseball not only puts up big numbers offensively, but doesn't hinder the team defensively. So, far Jeter has had his best season fielding wise, but due to Jeter's lack of range and arm strength he's only considered and average defender.

Offensively Jeter is an excellent hitter. He is just ...

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