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Saturday April 20th 2024


Why Derek Jeter Is Overrating His Importance To the New York Yankees

Clutch is no more.

Derek Jeter entered this season an elite shortstop, but proved in the end why he is no longer worth the money. The former rookie of the year, two time Hank Aaron award recipient, four time Silver Slugger, six time Gold Glover, and once a World Series MVP had a dismal season. His batting average dropped to .270, and he hit just .231 in the ALCS.

While Jeter's career numbers have many Yankee fanatics screaming for him to be re-signed, the reality is that the Yankees could improve by signing or trading for a better, younger shortstop. The offer made by Brian Cashman (three years, $45 million) was an act of generosity. This offer was Brian Cashman doing what is politically correct. He did not want to disappoint Yankee ...

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