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Saturday May 25th 2024


Which New York Yankee Has the Highest Trade Value?

the hours following Stephen Strasburg's Brendan-Fraser-in-The-Scout -level debut for the Nationals on Tuesday, my buddy Howie posed this question to me (@danhanzus ) via Twitter:

Most trade value: Mauer, Hanley, Pujols or Strasburg? I say #Strasburg easy.

I said I thought Mauer may be the most valuable of the group, but the size of the catcher's contract (eight years, $184 million) combined with Strasburg's age (21) made the Nats right-hander the easy choice.

That got me thinking about which one of the Yankees had the most trade value. Hmmmm...

First some ground rules:

I'm only concerning myself with the 25-man roster and a couple of the DL stashees right now. The downside, of course, is that I can't use the ...

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