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Thursday September 28th 2023


When the New York Mets Ruled New York

American League expanded from eight to 10 teams in 1961 when the Los Angeles Angels and Washington Senators were created. A year later, the National League added the Houston Colt .45s and the New York Mets.

In 1962, the Mets were a joke. In 1969, they were the World Champions.

George Weiss was the Mets' first general manager, and Casey Stengel was their first manager. Weiss had built the Yankees' dynasty after World War II, while Stengel managed them to seven World Championships, including the all-time record of five in a row from 1949-1953.

Stengel's last World Series was in 1960 against the Pittsburgh Pirates, whose war cry was "Beat 'em Bucs," and that is just what the Bucs did.

The Yankees unceremoniously relieved Weiss and Stengel ...

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