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Friday August 19th 2022


When and Where Will A-Rod Hit No. 600?

Alex Rodriguez went from 499 homers to 500, it took him nine games and 28 at-bats to do it. Now that he’s at 599, let’s take a look at how long to expect it to take this time.

If it took him another nine games, that would set him up for No. 600 on July 31st in Tampa against the Rays. This time could be different, though.

Since 2007, when he hit no. 500, A-Rod has transformed from a "me first" egotistical player to one who is more relaxed, looks like he genuinely has fun, and cares more about winning than personal stats. In other words, it won’t necessarily take him nine games this time.

So let’s look at this realistically. This season, he has 16 homers in 338 at-bats, or a home run just about every 21 at-bats.

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