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Thursday June 13th 2024


What The Yankees Should Do This Offseason

soon as Mark Teixeira caught the ball, I started to think about pitchers and catchers reporting in February. The Yankees face several big questions on who to resign and how much to spend to ensure championship No. 28.

1. Let Matsui Go. This decision would of been a lot easier if it wasn't for Game 6. Although Matsui had a decent year (.274 28 90), he has become an issue in the lineup because of his limitations to the DH spot. I believe that no player should be just a DH. It doesn't give a lot of options for other players if they are hurting and can't play the field. Matsui also grounds into a lot of double plays, he leaves a ton of runners on base. I get the feeling that if he isn't pulling the ball into the stands, he isn't doing anything. Unless he takes ...

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