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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Waite Hoyt and His New York Yankees Uniform

Hoyt won 22 games for the 1927 New York Yankees. Hoyt spent 10 seasons with the Yankees, winning 157 games before being sent to Detroit in 1930.

Although he played for many teams, including the three New York teams, Hoyt was a Yankee.

The Cocky Chicago Cubs

In 1938, Waite was pitching for the Brooklyn Dodgers against the soon-to-be National League champion Chicago Cubs.

The Little Bears were a cocky team, and many of their players were riding Hoyt, who was near the end of his career.

Bench jockeying had been an integral part of baseball until the recent attempts at political correctness, but the Cubs' needling reached a level of nastiness that was unacceptable, even then. Hoyt, of course, knew ...

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