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Sunday June 23rd 2024


Umpiring Blunders Plague MLB Postseason

2009 postseason has seen its share of umpiring blunders. One member of the media who's name alludes me now said that this is the worst postseason umpiring he has ever seen.

Now, I haven't watched many of the postseason games outside of the Yankees, so I don't know what went on in the other series', but I know there has been shoddy umpiring all around.

In the ALDS between the Yankees and Twins and 11th inning ball down the left field line hit by Joe Mauer was emphatically called foul by leftfield umpire Phil Cuzzi, an 18-year veteran of the game. Replays clearly show the ball hitting Melky Cabrera's glove in left field and landing in fair territory before bouncing into the left-field seats.

After the game, crew cheif Tim Tschida said ...

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