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Sunday May 19th 2024


Umpire Joe West and Wimbledon Marathon Man John Isner in the Bronx Tonight

New York Yankees will be hosting the Seattle Mariners tonight in the Bronx. It looks to be an excellent pitching match-up with Cliff Lee vs. Phil Hughes. Not only does that make it better, but Joe West will be behind the plate for the game! 

West is the umpire that criticized the fact that the Yankees and Red Sox games are way too long and it is "a disgrace to baseball" to see it move so slow. Now the Yankees have a second opportunity to slow down his game and get him angry. It will be interesting to note how fast or how slow the Yankees will be pacing themselves tonight, and how much time is allowed by West.

West also got into a scuffle with Ozzie Guillen and Mark Buehrle early in the year. West called two balks on the White Sox pitcher. ...

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