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Sunday April 14th 2024


Time for Yankees Universe to Give Up on Troy Tulowitzki Replacing Jeter

class="ui-droppable">In many ways, for many reasons, the New York Yankees trading for Troy Tulowitzki makes sense. After all, they're the major-market, deep-pocketed, All-Star-obtaining Yankees, and in 2015, they'll be embarking on their first season sans shortstop, captain and future Hall of Famer Derek Jeter.

How to fill a hole that has been occupied by the face of Major League Baseball and hasn't needed filling in 20 years? If you're the Yankees, it's simple, really: Get the best available player to replace Jeter, of course.

Because make no mistake, for as many concerns and risks that come with Tulowitzki—and we'll get to those—the Colorado Rockies star is undoubtedly the best shortstop in baseball, which is why this idea keeps popping ...

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