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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Time for Johnny Damon, New York Yankees to Get On Same Page

the '80s, it was all about "Who Shot J.R.?"

In the '90s, we had O.J. and A.C. cruising down the 405 in the white Bronco.

In the aughts 2000s '00s, Snookie's sucker-punch on Jersey Shore appeared to be the clear frontrunner for this decade's defining TV moment.

But that was before Johnny Damon appeared as guest host of WWE's Monday Night Raw.

As a service to you, the reader, here are five quick bullet points on last week's WWE debut for the two-time World Series champion:

- The ring announcer kicked off the telecast by introducing Damon, who appeared from behind the curtain and did his patented Bleacher Creature Pointing Thing to no one in particular before making his way to the ring. In a stunning lack of ...

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