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Tuesday June 25th 2024


Three Reasons Why the New York Yankees Clinched a Playoff Spot

/> With the Texas Rangers losing to the Oakland A’s 9-1 last night, the New York Yankees became the first team in baseball to clinch a playoff spot.

With that last sentence, at least 5,000 New York Mets fans just converted to Yankees fans just to be “cool.” Today, they all came into school with red Yankee hats and replica Joba Chamberlain jerseys.

If you lived in New York in the mid-to-late 90’s, you know everything I just said is 100 percent true.

In all seriousness, the Yankees have had a very good year. A better year than I expected, to be honest.

Not that I didn’t expect the Yankees to win 90 games, but I didn’t think they would beat out the Tampa Bay Rays and the Boston Red Sox for a ...

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